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My greatest fear is to reach the point of "wala na akong pakialam"

In a shared post, a friend posted a comment, why I "hate" the current PH administration.

"Hate" is such an intense word to describe my view of the current PH administration. But I guess, that's how the society is being shaped-- quick judgments, information avalanche, rampant bullying, lack of soft skills, imbued fear and ultimately, indifference.

My greatest fear is to reach the point of "wala na akong pakialam", so I try to speak up my thoughts. Of course, my opinions may not be agreeable to most but would definitely be open for other's criticisms. I would like to believe, that the people who would criticize and take time to notice, are people who care and who think. Speaking up my mind is my way of saying that I care for the Philippines, my home.

Our greatest critics should be the ones close to us, who care about us.

It's hard where to start in everything that's going on:

People are forced to take sides, the jubilation in smart-shaming p…

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