How accomplished do you feel today?

How accomplished do you feel today?

Me, I felt like the day just went by and I had done nothing anything significant at all.

There's this side of my brain that keeps reminding me that I should be sad and sensitive. (F*c& these hormones!) while there's this other side of me telling that I should just keep myself busy and occupied so I wont have to entertain any negative ideas of sorts.

It's hard to fight ones own thoughts. Indeed, our greatest enemy is ourselves.

I've been busy the whole day. Doing this and that in school. Prepping for the new school term. Familiarizing myself with the new textbooks (which really sucks) re-arranging stuff inside the classroom and just labeling almost everything.

I've been busy scrolling onto the social media again. Getting myself almost active on Twitter again. Hoping that at least, I can post something sensible that my crush would then take notice. That didn't happen today. Maybe I should tweet more and use more catchy hashtags.

365 Questions QOTD
When was your last vacation? Where did you go?

On January 2017, a week before I left for Japan, we went to this northwestern side of Luzon-- Bolinao, Pangasinan. We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights.

It was good. I love the sunsets I've seen in the that place.
That not-so-low-not-so high cliff where I climbed over to see and experience bigger waves. I was hoping I could jump straight to the sea, but my superstitious uncle warned me not to be so adventurous since I have a scheduled flight soon.
I tried to eat the inside of a sea urchin which was not a good idea. My lips got swollen and itchy for a bit since I am actually allergic to seafood but I still tried my luck with the sea urchin. Booyah.